(Only) Halfway to Everywhere

Well it’s been a minute and my only excuse is that my schedule has been jammed. My luck is that it’s been jammed with fantastic opportunities and also that I get to do what I love.

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It’s music on the move. Rocket Tone Records, Secret Me, rehearsals, artist’s heading into the studio, short stories, song catalogs. It’s rockabilly, jazz, EPM, edge of country, and electronic sex rock that’s filling my days.

I am so pleased and thankful to be working with these greats!

The band

Pearl and Johnny 2

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Away we go!


I’d like to introduce you to my new band, THE LAST RIGHTS.



THE LAST RIGHTS is a Los Angeles based roots Americana outfit focusing on the early Rock ‘n Roll, Americana, and Edge of Country catalogs as well as more modern takes of those formulas. You’ll hear tastes of Elvis, Johnny Cash, Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle etc. in their energetic and highly entertaining sets.

The band includes:

Johnny Bennett – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Mick Cripps (LA Guns) – Electric Guitar, Vocals

Nigel Mogg (The Choirboys) – Bass

Morgan Young – Drums

This is a killer line-up and we’re very excited to get on stage beginning in The Foundation Room at The House of Blues on Friday August 8th – 10:30PM

Please give us a ‘Like’ on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/thelastrightsmusic


Entertainment not art

A few years back I really changed my point of view. I made the decision to focus on being an entertainer and less on being an artist. It’s changed the way I approach every element of what I do. As my career lives more and more in the world of live performance I’ve come full circle on things.

JazzThe idea of a revue, an ensemble no matter in the swing, rock, or soul genres can be so special and highly entertaining.

Jazz 2And away we go.


Los Angelenos all come from somewhere

“Los Angelenos all come from somewhere to live in to sunshine their funky exile.” Billy Joel

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If you’ve not been, then it’s hard to explain but Los Angeles is this land of dreams, the end of the rainbow if you will. Time slows down. Who knows what people do for a living. It’s very strange.

We only come out at night. Happy Hours, After hours. Writers, Actors, and Musicians all converge on the streets with the Spanish names. It’s a very beautiful thing.

So we all dig deep and try to piece it together pool side. It looks easy, but it comes at a great price.

Here’s to all the dreamers that have taken the leap!


Digging deep and searching.

For all these years I’ve been searching for that sound. The sound of soul, feeling, and of something real. I’ve come close on several occasions due to the luck of specific studios, musicians, engineers, producers, and some quality songs.

Reaching the mountain of delivering that magic combination where it all comes together is a dying art. Maybe it just can’t be reached? Maybe I’ll never deliver on the promise I made to myself so many years ago that I could.

The music that came out of Muscle Shoals, Sun Records, Abby Road. The catalogs of Stax Records, Motown Records, Capital Records, Atlantic Records, they all had it. The world came searching for it in the Memphis, Muscle Shoals, Detroit etc. and they found it.

So I’ll keep digging deep and searching my soul for it as I believe it’s there somewhere in the mud.